This Is Solid Gear Footwear

Founded in 2008 on the idea that safety shoes don't have to be heavy boots, Solid Gear makes innovative footwear for work in any environment. For over 10 years, our products have redefined the performance, style, and comfort of safety footwear.

Our assortment caters to the needs of foot protection in different work environments. Indoor and outdoor, in freezing cold or blazing heat. Convinced there's always a better way, Solid Gear pushes to develop the perfect safety footwear.

Modern Safety Shoes

The work on each new product starts in the toughest of environments - in mines, on scaffolding and on factory floors. This is where we can make a difference and contribute to a better working day for our customers. Insights from the field are combined with tough testing in laboratories, where we ensure that safety and performance exceed all standards.

Our customers have the last word. It is only after you have thoroughly tested our shoes in your work environments that we are satisfied. This is our vision – performance through innovation.

Our Products

Performance and comfort are our top priorities in product development. That means we never compromise with quality and design. Working with leading suppliers such as GORE-TEX®, Vibram®, BOA® Fit System and CORDURA®, we ensure the best possible performance and comfort in our products.

Different environments produce different challenges, but the need for safety remains the same. That is why Solid Gear offers you a wide range of products for your feet. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, in freezing cold or blistering heat, you will find what you need.

Prime GTX
Prime GTX Goretex shoes

Solid Gear – Part of Hultafors Group

Solid Gear is part of Hultafors Group since 2014. Together with brands such as Snickers Workwear, Hultafors Tools, W.steps, Hellberg Safety and Toe Guard we offer a wide range of quality products for professional users. We are all united by a common passion: to offer the best possible functionality, safety, protection and efficiency at work.

Snickers Workwear offers a wide range of high quality workwear, from work trousers to tool belts. Avoid hearing damage with hearing protection from Hellberg Safety – active hearing protection with Bluetooth makes your working day safer and more enjoyable. Hellberg safety glasses and visors protect your face. Hultafors equips you with hand tools such as saws, wrecking bars, folding rules and their famous axes. W.steps produces ladders and scaffolds.

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