Time to dial in for a precision fit.


It’s almost impossible to find a pair of Solid Gear not featuring technology from our friends at BOA®. A company with roots in snowboarding, a sport like any other where a precise fit or maximum support could be that last bit of leverage over your competition. For us, it’s these pursuits of peak athletic performances that has inspired us from the start to utilize the same high-tech materials in our products. We were first with a full ETPU midsole in safety footwear and Solid Gear Venture 2 is a BOA®-powered wrap configuration – a break-through technology in fit and function. Driven by continuous innovation and strong partnerships, we lead the industry and help you perform at your peak.


Well, it’s the perfect way to secure your shoes. Period. But if you look beyond the mechanics: the dial, the laces and the lace guides – it’s what powers cyclists, skiers, golfers, runners and workers forward. Founded in 2001 by Gary Hammerslag, an entrepreneur and an outdoor enthusiast who wanted to improve the performance and fit of his snowboard lacing system. Drawing from his ideas and experience in the medical device field, and after numerous field tests and prototypes, he soon had a revolution on his hands. One that was effortless, durable and came with an unmatched personalization.

Fast forward today, a new era of how we “lace on” and stay secure mile after mile has not only attracted us, but market-leading brands alike who all go the lengths needed for the ultimate performance.


While every configuration is purpose-built, they all consist of three main components all seamlessly designed to enhance the fit and performance of your gear. Be those shoes, trainers, boots, helmets or any other type of device.

First, at the heart of it all, lies the micro-adjustable dial. Varying in size, design and interface, it’s how you fine-tune and optimize fit. Simply push to engage, turn to tighten and pull for quick release. Depending on use case, it’s either positioned on your shoe’s tongue for a classic U-throat-design, or along the sides for the wrap configuration, as seen on Solid Gear Venture 2.

Second, you have the workhorse of BOA® – these super-strong but incredible light weight laces. Made from 49 individual aircraft grade stainless steel strands, that are wrapped in nylon to protect the steel from whatever mother nature throws at you. Gram by gram, it’s stronger than tank armor so, it’s ready when you are.

The third and last part, are the ultra-low friction lace guides. Highly engineered to ensure smooth lace path even under high tension.

Each product is extensively tested in the most extreme conditions. But if something were to happen – you have The BOA® Lifetime Guarantee. Am assurance that the BOA® Fit System is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which it is integrated. Busted, but not broken.


There is fit and then there is precision fit. And that distinction matters. It matters for your well-being,in order to prevent pain and injures – and to be able to optimize your performance. It’s why we partner with BOA®. Our work shoes are packed with the latest materials and tech, which we want you to take full advantage of. That, and being locked in and secured.

As we mentioned before, most of our work shoes are powered by BOA® Fit System. One pair is Solid Gear Venture 2 featuring their PerformFit™ Wrap. Backed by extensive research, it’s designed to deliver uniform adjustments with no pressure points, even for work on knees, while locking in the instep and heel. “The wrap” is a true game-changer as it works to conform your entire midfoot, which increases stability and your connection to the midsole. And by bringing you closer to your gear, you’ll get a boost in power transfer, allowing you to move not only for hours at a time, but for a lifetime.

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