The Best Safety Shoes for Women

Our safety shoes and occupational shoes are unisex, and can be used by both men and women. Some Solid Gear safety shoes are especially suitable for women – in this guide we share our best tips for safety shoes for ladies. Here are five popular safety shoes with a good fit for female feet.

Sporty Safety Shoes for Women

Shoes for women usually have a narrower last. Many shoes in our Athletic range are slightly narrower than other safety shoes. That means they can often be a good choice for women.

The Haze siblings Haze Moon and Haze Tellus are popular choices among women. Both Moon and Tellus are light and comfortable safety shoes in safety klass S1P. The seamless StarKnit upper makes for a shoe with superb fit and flexibility. Thanks to fantastic cushioning you can wear the Haze shoes all day without problem.

Superlight safety shoe Cloud 2.0 is also suitable for women. Cloud 2.0 is an amazingly comfortable safety shoe that is kind to your feet. An upper made of strong net mesh ensures that this shoe has high breathability, which makes it especially suitable for indoor work.

Stylish Evolution Black is both strong and light. If you need to tackle slippery surfaces in your work, the slip resistance ensures great grip. Comfort, breathability and flexibility are also top notch in this sporty safety shoe.

Waterproof Safety Shoes for Women

Do you need water-repellent shoes in your work? The revolutionary safety shoe Revolution is a good choice. Safety class S3 ensures, among other things, that the whole shoe is water-repellent. Naturally, this shoe is also slip-resistant and penetration resistant with a NANO toe camp. Thanks to the EVA midsole with ETPU you also get great comfort and energy recovery.

Read more about the technologies used in our shoes, and how to best take care of your work shoes.

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