Find the Right Safety Shoes

Solid Gear offers a wide range of safety footwear to choose from. This easy guide will help you find the right safety shoe for your needs. It’s simple – just answer a few questions about your work environment, the features you need and what style of shoe you prefer, and the guide will provide you with relevant recommendations.

To ensure that you get the best possible performance and protection in your safety shoes, it is important to choose shoes that suit the challenges of your work situation. For example, working mainly outdoors or indoors will affect your choice. Heat, cold, slippery conditions or rough surfaces are all factors that place particular demands on your footwear.

Personal preference is also an aspect of the selection process. Some prefer laces while others prefer quick lacing solutions such as BOA® Fit System. Read more about the technologies and materials used in our shoes. Sometimes you want a lowcut shoe, and sometimes a mid- or high cut. Luckily, with our shoe guide it’s really easy to find the perfect safety shoe!

All our shoes are unisex, but we have a few models that are especially good choices for women. Find our top 5 recommendations for comfortable safety shoes for women here.

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