Occupational shoes

Solid Gear offers occupational shoes that are comfortable and lightweight with great design. They are also certified to keep your feet safe.

EN ISO 20347:2012 - Safety classes

Our occupational shoes are certified according to the European standard EN ISO 20347:2012 or EN ISO 20347:2022. The products are marked with CE.

All safety classes



Fully enclosed heel

Electrical resistance (between 0.1–000 MegaOhms)

Energy absorption in the heel area (tested at 20 Joules)

Water-resistant upper

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What are occupational shoes?

Occupational shoes are a type of work shoes that protect your feet against various risks in your work environment, but lack a toe cap. They can have features such as electrical resistance, penetration resistant outsoles, slip resistance and waterproof upper parts. The O marking indicates that they meet the basic requirements for professional shoes according to EN standard ISO 20347. Protection against various risks is defined in safety classes ranging from O1 to O5.

The safety table on the shoe's product page shows which protective features a specific shoe has.

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